Friday, January 20, 2012

Microscopic haematuria

So, today I went back for a post-pregnancy conclusive follow-up with the renal specialist. The verdict is I have microscopic haematuria. In layman's explanation, it means small traces of blood is found in my urine. I also have a more than normal amount of protein in my urine but is negligible.

Basically, life will still go on as per normal. No medication is required. For long-term benefit, I just need to watch the amount of red meat intake, which is really no problem for me since the only red meat that I take is pork and even that is minimal. Essentially, I just need to lead a healthy lifestyle and watch my weight.

Other than that, I will go back to see him every six months. I quote the physician, "we will have a long term relationship.".

Oh, one note to self though: I need to drink more water. So far, I did a few 24-hour urine tests that required me to send in my urine collected over the course of one whole day. The doctor pointed out that the quantity is on the low side. So yeah, drink more fluid.

In my own conclusion, I am glad that we have a verdict. Though I am not given an clean bill of health, all things considered, it is still good news. Moving on, I know that I no longer take my health for granted. I am more conscious of what I put into my mouth these days, knowing that there are long term implications to unhealthy diet.

Interestingly, the moment that consciousness kicks in, I become more aware of how my body feels towards various types of food. For example, deep fried meats makes me feel icky and gives me slight waves of nausea while greens makes me feel light & less prone to lethargy.

Next up, I think it is about time that I kick start some form of exercise regime. Hmmm.. Any one out there who wanna be my workout buddy or pacer?

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