Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Live Commentary

Now that Anya can string together short simple sentences, we get a live telecast of what goes inside her little head every now and then. It is cute, really. Maybe I will eat back my words weeks down the road when I get sick of it or if her chattiness grows incessant as her speech improves. Right now, we are finding the idea very fresh and are simply adoring the little commentator's firing away.

Here's some example of what she will broadcast on a typical day.

"Baby drink milk."
"Shhh... Meimei sleeping."
"Anya hugs Arielle."
"Baby crying."
"Mommy's fruits. Mommy share fruits Anya." (meaning I shared with her my fruits)
"Mommy's phone."
"Daddy help, please?"
"Daddy no more?" *pauses to think then continues* "Daddy working."
"Anya go pompom."
"Ar-fin (Muffin) sleeping."
"Biscuits. Anya eats biscuits."

The cutest thing that she comments on?
"Anya crying."
For whatever reason that set her off into tears - be it a booboo, being disciplined or throwing a tantrum, she will burst into tears, then suddenly pause and announces, "Anya crying.", then carry on with her wailing. 
Often than not, because the situation does not allow it, we find ourselves pursing our lips and holding back the urge to laugh.

Besides being a little commentator, announcing all that she observes around the house, she seems to be getting a tad bossy.

Just earlier on when she was having lunch, she suddenly piped, "Baby crying.". The Helper and I pricked our ears and listened for sounds (if any) from my bedroom where Arielle was sleeping. Nothing. 

"Baby's not crying. She is sleeping." I replied. 

Apparently, she has extraordinary ears, either that or vivid imaginations because she insisted again, louder this time to assert her point, "Baby's crying.". Then she instructed, "Mommy, go check.", gesturing to the direction of my room. 

With that, I duly did what she instructed - lest she raises her voice further insistence and wake Arielle up. That would be a Anya-fulfilled prophecy.

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