Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WIP: Feline Frenzy

Lately, sitting down to write a blog entry seems to be an impossible task more often than not. I have lost count of the number of times when I was bursting with thoughts that I wish to pen down but circumstances simply do not allow me to sit down to do a proper entry. Now that Arielle's first year is around the corner, I find myself hyperventilating whenever I think about it because I have failed to pen down her growth, her progress, and she is growing so fast!

So, I thought I will change tack when it comes to filling up this space with their progress. I shall do a weekly (Hopefully.) photo blog. So instead of having a verbal diarhhea, I shall let photos do (most of) the talking. That should make updating easier right? And it shall be called, "WIP" - meaning, (our/my) week in photos.

So, this is the first WIP entry. Here goes!

Look what the postman brought us!
Crossing path with a pretty ginger tabby. The Tod scrambled behind me immediately after I took this picture.
One of our playground jaunts at noon time.

The girls are very serious when it comes to watching sing-a-long videos on YouTube.
All decked out in their new PJs. They totally dig the matchy outfit. Only problem was it turned out to be really warm night leading to a major meltdown from baby girl

These days, baby girl sleeps on mattresses lay on floor. She hates the cot.

And so, we have sold off the cot. Does that mean we are closing my oven? Well, let's just say: at least for the foreseeable future.

The first time Arielle get to participate at the playground.

My baby gone black and white.
This kittyt is a lean and mean cockroach-killing machine.

The girls watched on as the cat manhandled a cockroach. This beats NatGeo any day.

Incidentally, we also picked up some library books that centered around cats. And they are a hit with every one in our little household! Looks like we have added Rob Scotton to our list of favourite children's authors.

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