Thursday, October 11, 2012

Girly time

Yesterday, Anya and I got to spend some alone time together - Arielle was at the grandparents' while the Husband had an evening work engagement. Left to our own device, i settled for Causeway Point because a) we have a bus right below our flat that can bring us straight there and back, b) there is a huge library there that Anya has never been to, and c) the mall offers a indoor playground that i can keep her occupied.

But alas! Things did not turn out as well as i thought in the beginning. Heavy rain came pouring while we were waiting for our bus (i did not bother bringing a brolly as I did not have hands for one anyway) and there was not a taxi in sight. And then, because it was still raining (though not as heavily) when we reached woodlands, we could not go to the library since it was at a separate building behind Causeway Point. So, I thought we'd while time away at the playground but it was closed for maintenance.

The last failed part of the itinerary did not go well with my daughter - given we were right in front of the playground, only to be separated by a locked up glass door. It took some coaxing and then a promise of ice-cream for dessert if she put on a good behavior for her to bounce back to her cheerful self. So, instead, we wandered around the mall a bit and together, we picked up a tee shirt for the man of our lives. Thankfully, by then, the rain subsided and we could resume our plans. We spent a good hour at the library and then adjourned to Swensen's in search for dinner and the promised treat.

Anya's kids' meal came with a drink - choice of soft drinks / apple juice / orange juice. Generally, I disallow soft drinks for her and asked her instead, "Do you want apple juice or orange juice?"

Without missing a beat, she replied, "Both."

The food arrived. Hers was fish with corn kernels and potato smiley faces (of stars and a crescent moon) served on an impressive-looking cardboard pirate ship that she could bring home. Mine was some chicken cutlet served with cut fries and coleslaw.

Obviously digging her food, she suddenly bemoaned, "Poor Daddy!"

Slightly puzzled, I asked, "Why 'poor Daddy'?"

She explained, "Because Daddy has to work late then cannot eat dinner. Poor Daddy.." gesturing to her savory spread and shaking her head as she said so.

A little while later, she tapped her finger on my plate and asked, "Mommy, can I have your fries?"

I reasoned, "But Anya, your stars and moon potato are kind of the same as my fries."

In her most prefect-like voice, she countered, "Barney (yes, the purple dinosaur) said must share right?"

Feeling somewhat being caught on the wrong foot, I replied, "Sure, you can have my fries. I'm just saying that they taste the same as your potatoes."

With that, the toddler reached for one of my fries. I thought that ended our whole potato-ey conversation. But no, my child had a point to prove.

"Mommy, you can have my moon (her fried potato shaped of a crescent)." She offered.

"Sweetheart, you only have one moon. It's okay, you can have it. Thanks." I replied.

"No-o-Ooo.. Mommy, you have my moon..!" She said in a huffy tone.

In view that this has somehow turned into a delicate situation, I changed tact. "Okay. Mommy eat your moon then. Thanks for sharing." I took a bite of that potato and then exclaimed, "Mmmmmmm... This is very nice!"

Assuming a worldly-wise air, she replied, "I know!".

With that, our conversation on potatoes finally came to an end.

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