Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Noon jaunt

What kind of mother bring her child to the outdoor playgrounds during the hottest part of the day which is right smack at noon time?

Well, I am one. But believe me, it was a desperate measure. Anya has been giving me grief pertaining to naps and sleep. I am not sure if it has to do with her little sister been moved to share her room. We suspect it has a part to play although we are unsure as to the shape nor size of it.

Given that her nap is usually at 2-ish in the afternoon and 12 noon till 1pm is the only hour that I am available; so I really had no other choice. I was, however, prepared that the playground might be too hot for her to set her bare feet (she likes to run barefoot on it) and backside on it and therefore cajoled her to walk there instead of riding on her usual kiddy tricycle.

I was right. The heat was barely bearable when we reached the playground and soon became dreadfully scotching barely ten minutes into play. Unless I wanted to eat up my own child (roasted) up for lunch; I didn't think it was viable anymore. So instead, I made her walk around the estate. Along the way, we monkeyed around, played hide and seek behind the pillars and ran helter-skelter, just to get all those abundant toddler energy out for her system.

Meanwhile, I have to quickly think of alternative energy-burning activities before she gets bored with monkeying around in the void decks. Any suggestions?

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prancingpony said...

slap on heavy duty sunblock for her and let her wear a sun hat (maybe with a strap under her chin if u don't want it to fall off)

--> this is what we do with the kids in our school. they head out to the playground at 12+ and spend about 20min under the hot sun. they wont get roasted haha~ u probably need to bring a brolly or a hat for yourself though ;D