Thursday, October 25, 2012


Yes, we are moving. To a few streets down from where we currently live.

We came a long long way to finalize this decision, three years,to be exact - with many twists and turns in between. Reason being, we kept changing our minds. About the type of housing, the district etc. But one thing we were certain of after the children came along: We will definitely move; it is a question of where and what.

"Why so bent on moving?" So people asked us. "Especially when the children are already so close to their grandparents." Well, the biggest push factor, we'd say is the fact that grocery-shopping and amenities are not exactly in the vicinity of where we live. And because I am a stay-home mom (and this is likely to stay in the long run) who cooks almost everyday, it is a huge deal. I always joke to friends that because we do our grocery-shopping once a week on weekends; we always end up eating yellowed vegetables on Fridays. Light-hearted as it might sound; it is also a fact.

"Mommy drive the kids around! Then it doesn't matter where you stay," is usually the suggestion friends gave. The Husband's work requires him to move around the island a fair bit on a day-to-day basis and having a second car in the household is something we prefer not to think about.

All things considered, with two young children having a long long way to grow before they become independent and a shared mindset between the Husband and I that we want to raise them as hands-on as possible, we believe it is best that we move to a place where supermarket/wet market, libraries, eateries and MRTs etc are nearby.

That said, if the biggest pro of moving is to be a stone's throw away from amenities; the biggest con is to move away from the In-laws. After all, we are used to that proximity. Which is why, we eventually chose to move to another location within the same town, just nearer to the heartland central. Big love to the In-laws whom, despite having to bear with the pain of the distance it will create, are being so supportive of the move.

At this moment, I dare say we are very happy with our choice and are thankful that God led us to this decision.

So, if nothing goes wrong, we will be celebrating the next Lunar New Year at the new place. Meanwhile, the Husband and I are consciously basking in the final few months of our stay to say our goodbyes to our very first matrimony home.


Willyn said...

Best wishes to your family in your new home. May it brings happiness for both of you and your children. :)

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Thanks Willynn. It means something to Jh and I to receive well-wishes like this. :)

Ally said...

Cool! I just moved too and totally living happily. But my area is off grocery shopping too, have to drive out or 10mins to go to the central which can be quite taxing.

But....I am getting my parents to live near me :)

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Really? I'm still turned between feeling excited about the new place and nostalgic towards my current one. It's a very clever move though - getting parents to live near you. They can help with the groceries and.. I'm not sure about your parents, my FIL chooses the freshest seafoods and sweetest fruits!