Sunday, March 4, 2012

Arielle at 3 months old

Hello my baby girl!

Now that you are more than three months old. I thought I should do a quick update on your progress. 

Till date, you are able to / have:

1. Slept through the night since 6 weeks old.

2. Rolled over. Thrice, to be precise. The rest of the times, you flip to your left and gets stuck on your side.

3. Smile what I call genuine smiles as opposed to reflexes, coos and even giggles.

4. Developed a strong neck. As such, you are able to do little push-ups when you are on your belly, sit in the bumbo chair, and get to watch what's going on around you when we put you in the baby bjorn carrier.

5. Reached out for and hold onto your little stuffed animals with controlled movements you are on your playmat.

6. Grasp handkerchiefs and litttle stuffed toys.

7. Drink 700ml - 750ml of milk per day. Each feed now lasts only 10-15 minutes as opposed to an hour or more one month ago. Ahhh.. bliss for Daddy, Mommy and Aunt M!

In addition, here's a list what you love to do:

1. Be engaged in a lively conversation.  You love it when someone talks to you! You would reply in 'woos', 'ahhs' and other various cute gurgling sounds while your face scrunches up animatedly. Too cute!
Chatting up a storm with Mommy

2. Taking baths. Take you out of the bathtub a lil' too early and you will yell your head off in protest.

3. Sleep. As compared to big sister, you sleep much much more. Even at this point, you are still taking naps at almost every feed cycle while Anya was taking only two naps each day at your age.

4. Be a 'Super-baby'! You love the feeling of pretend-flying where Mommy carries you and raise you above my head.

All in all, you are a wonderful baby to have around. We are all basking in your company. Right now, although it can be tough and even trying at times tending to both you and your big sister; I am hoping for time to pass s-l-o-w-l-y because I really enjoy you at your current age. Always so smiley, so cuddly. Plus, with that mop of hair of yours, you look so ridiculously adorable now. Loving you tons, my sweetheart!
Taming of the gravity-defying hair

Hugs and kisses,


Rachel said...


Arielle looks so cute in the first pic.

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Madeline said...

Awww so cute! Love the hair.