Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thankful Tuesday: Being work-in-progresses

Being imperfects, we are all work-in-progresses in some way or another. As my elder child turns two, I find myself out of the comfort zone of parenting a relatively easy-to-manage toddler and right smacked into tackling the demands of having to discipline a tantrum-throwing and boundary-testing little girl.

Every day presents new situations for me to learn to manage as a parent. Likewise for the little ones as children, as individuals, as siblings. I am thankful for this timely reminder that we are all work-in-progresses. As I meditated on it, a whole new horizon opens up: 

I learn to manage the expectations I have of my children. I learn to be slower to anger when my child is in the midst of a meltdown / tantrum. I learn to create opportunities for us (Anya, Arielle and myself) to spend time together so that they get use to playing with each other. I learn to ask Anya to do little acts of services to Arielle so she can be a better big sister. I learn to be more generous with my praises. I learn to be less disheartened when facing failures. I learn to be more encouraging when my child faces failures.

What was intended to be lessons for my children actually has a positive impact on me too. I marvel at God's way of working on us. I am used as a instrument to prune and teach my children, and I am being pruned as a result too. Thank God for such precious lessons.

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