Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All in the hope of a cute baby...

A couple of weeks ago at bedtime, The Husband and I were lying in bed and chatting about random stuff. Then I remembered.

I said: "Dear, where are the posters of those cute ang moh babies that we pasted at my bedside during my last pregnancy? Go bring them out, we need them again."

The Husband's firm reply: "Why do we need them?"

I counteracted, "Huh? What do you mean? I'm pregnant again what!"

The Husband's even firmer reply, "But we already have a live and cute Anya at full display!"

"Ooooohh...! Yah..!" I was subdued.

Well, just when I thought the matter had been put to a rest. A few days later, I was on the line with my mom.

Mommy: "So did you put up those cute baby posters at your bedside again?"

Me, indignantly: "Why should I? Like what The Husband said, I already have a cute Anya to look at everyday!"

Mommy, not before chuckling a bit: "Ermm... Not if you want a baby with bigger eyes..."

( - ____-;)

"Popo, are these big enough?"

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