Friday, April 29, 2011

While I lay down and rest... ...

My little tod has been put under the care of her grandparents and daddy. Such has to be the current arrangement. It has not been easy for all of us, the in-laws making sacrifices to be around most of the weekdays while The Husband makes it a point to be home on one of the weekdays and before 7pm on other weekdays.

There are days when my state of helplessness and discomfort spirals downward into a pool of tears as I whine about my frustrations. Yet, I know my Father has been good to me. He gave me this second child which is our hearts' desire. It is a blessing that The Husband run a business where he can shuffle his schedules around for some flexibility to be a part-time househusband. My access to my in-laws is another blessing. I can't imagine Anya's childcare arrangements (none to speak?) if they aren't so available and willing to help.  I have a group of church friends who have been rallying around me in periods, who periodically check on me, send me rhema words of encouragement and speak edifying words to me. Lastly, He also bless us enough financially to engage a maid. This is a final resort that we seek in order to better the current arrangements.

He tells me that His joy is my strength, that there is a purpose behind this time of adversity and He shall reveal it to me in due time. It helps that I have Anya to remind me of the wondrous harvest for my last bout of suffering. Meanwhile, He reminds me to sing praise at all times. For praises keep the enemy at bay! Thanks CC, for the timely reminder!

To end off, so what has my beloved tod and I been up to during those pockets of times that I am well & up about?

12-month visit to the paed's office
This photo was taken before all hell broke loose. For the first time when given a shot (pneumococcal vaccine), she cried buckets. The last few times have always lasted no more than 10 seconds and then life resumed its normality. This time round, out came her favourite hankie, her dummy, her Ee yore and last resort came snacks. Thankfully, the teddy bear biscuits somewhat helped to soothe her nerves.

Sticker time!

One morning after her breakfast, she wandered into the study and fished out a sticker booklet from the book shelf.  The sticker booklet, themed creatures of the sea, is a complimentary gift by her formula manufacturer. With whatever hint of spontaneity that I have left, I sat down with her (later joined by The Husband) and guided her through the matching of each sticker to its correct space in the booklet. Whenever we successfully paste a sticker, she would happily clap to herself and checked that we follow suit in the approving applause.

Such is an example of a pocket of quality time that I share with her these days. My little one seems to have a sensitive soul and has been especially generous with her hugs for me lately. Little does she knows, her hugs are akin to little treasures to me. :)

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