Monday, May 23, 2011

The Best Guy Friend's Wedding

Over the weekend, we attended my closest male friend's wedding luncheon. Since I fell pregnant for the second time, I have hardly dress up or wore make up during the few occasions that I do go out. This pregnancy, together with my daily chores, has really zapped me of my little energy and dressing up is no longer a priority. So long I'm decently clothes, I'm thankful to be out without having any discomfort nor the need to use of the plastic bags I carry with me. So now that my condition is stabilized (with the aid of medications), I was looking forward to this wedding where I can get dressed up, look pretty and celebrate my dear friend's nuptial ties.

Unfortunately, things did not go as expected. Well, I was hoping to have the whole morning to bathe and preen myself leaving The Husband to take charge of Anya. BUT. The day before, Anya had sudden bouts of throw ups with low grade fever. So what really took place yesterday morning was a mad rush of feeding her and ourselves breakfast, charging to our family doctor (only to be in a 45 minutes queue), picked up some groceries (might as well, since we were already out), rush back home, I prepared her porridge for lunch & dinner, packed the diaper bag while The Husband gave Anya her bath. By the time we put her down for her nap, we were due to be out of the house again in less than an hour's time and we were still uncertain if she was well enough to go for the luncheon.

Eventually, we decided that she was okay enough (as the throwing up had stopped for the day). So, our little family made it though embarrassingly late - All the guests were already seated while the bride and groom were waiting outside for their grand march in. Thankfully, things went uphill thereon. The wedding was really sweet. The couple put in much effort and thoughts in preparing for their big day. My favorite part was when my dear friend played on the keyboard and serenaded to his bride. Oh, and I was gushing to The Husband how gorgeous the bride's evening (afternoon?) gown was. Well, the color and the simplicity makes it a irresistibly elegant and eye-catching dress! Unfortunately, I did not manage to take a nice picture of her with my 3GS iPhone. :(
Not top notch quality since I was using my iPhone
With my feverish trooper
With our dear junior college teachers
Anyway, attending the said friend's wedding set me reflecting on our friendship. This is the friend who stood by me during my lowest point in my teenage-adolescence years. Though our character and thinking were like poles apart, he was sensitive to sense my vulnerability when I withdrew myself. Because of that, our friendship grew. And so did we. I recalled the days when I started dating The Husband, and this friend (together with a girlfriend) were the first to 'check him out' and mark their sign of approval. Likewise, when he first started seeing his wife, he arranged for us to meet so I could mark my stamp of approval. One unique point about our friendship is that we have a blatant honesty towards each other. When we disprove the other of something, we are quick and direct to point out. This is something that I have been appreciative off. In some ways, he is like a brother to me.

However, it seems that we have drifted in recent years. We have been in different seasons of life in past few years, and I came to realize that when we do talk on the phone or meet up, he had been the one who made the initiative. In fact, our last meet up (a double date) was more than a year ago when I was still preggy with Anya! Right, I haven't been a good friend after all though I always verbally maintain to people that he is my best male friend. Hopefully, it is still not too late to make amends. It is about time for me to do my part, if the moment is still there for us.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

What a blessing it must be to have a friend like that! I don't have any close guy friends like the one you've described. I imagine you get interesting male insights to things! Sorry to hear about your bouts of throwing up - I know how awful that must be. Do take good care!

Anya's mom said...

Thanks, Corsage.

Oh yes, it is a blessing! He have pulled me out of my own fairytale lala-land with his male practical checks countless timess! :)