Monday, August 13, 2012

An outdated post of more BKK pictures

Hi there! The girls are currently down with fever (again!). This time round, they are quite badly hit as the fever has stayed with them for four days now.

If you have read about their previous episodes of sicknesses, you will know that Arielle, being the spirited child that she is, gets really affected when she is sick. So the first two nights were really tough as we alternate carrying her and patting her every half hour that she coughed, cried and then could not go back to sleep. After that, the Husband decided to take over as her main caregiver at night as he didn't think it was practical for me to be carrying her constantly while I could not bear not to do so. As for Anya, her fever spiked at 40 degrees Celsius in the middle of the night for the past two days, which got us worried. Thank God she has been vey co-operative, letting us sponge her, change her, eats her medicine etc, despite feeling so groggy and sleepy.

So anyway, I have quite a lot to say here actually, on what I have been doing with them (Anya especially) and some interesting books that we have been reading together, but right now, my primary duty of caring for them overtake everything else. So... I shall leave you with some Bangkok trip pictures that I took off the Husband's phone (mainly of Anya soaking up the sun and pool).

Hopefully, I get to update soon. Till then, have a wonderful start to a new week! :)

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