Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thankful Tuesday: A hectic week

The past week has been a myriad of activities. There was the gathering with friends on Wednesday. On Thursday, we had a meeting with our cell group and church leaders. Then, there was another gathering on Saturday, this time with relatives (the last of our CNY visiting this year). We also enrolled Anya for a Kindermusik class which started on Saturday morning. And on Sunday, we all stayed in while The Helper went off for her first rest day since she came to work for us six months ago. Yesterday evening, we trooped down to Ikea to shop for yet another storage solution for the mounting toys and knick-knacks that come with growing children in the house. Last but not lest, The Husband and I met a good friend for to catch up over dinner on a whim this evening.

Hectic it may be; I am at peace. These two days, there is a renewed harmony in the family that has been absent for a while. It felt like between The Husband and I, we sorted out our thoughts and are less susceptible to the stress and snappiness that comes with parenting two young children. I sure hope this peace and harmony prevail for a long while!

Here's what I am thankful for this week:

# Conversations during the various gatherings. Much as I enjoy my girls, it is nice to talk to adults, other than The Husband and helper, for a change.

# To know that God and His people will not give up on us even when we were set adrift. It is great knowing that we have a supportive church community.

# The availability of a kindermusik class 5 minutes' drive away from us. Although there was a little episode where she burst out crying when the little boy next to her accidentally knocked her down with his hula hoop, I think she enjoyed it otherwise and is looking forward to the next lesson.
# Pretty ponytails, adorable little hairy heads and funny headgear that put a smile on our faces.

# A dedicated and caring vet who conscientiously returns our phone calls, giving us tele-consultations for our furkid's chronic health problems.

# One-to-one moments with my girls. As mentioned on previous post, such moments are very cherished now that there are two of them.

# Having that aforementioned sense of peace and harmony.

# Friends who aren't parents themselves yet but  put in so much thought when gifting our children.

# A timely article that indirectly reminds me that children should not be the central focal point of my life. As Gary Ezzo explained, CCP or child-centred parenting will be suffocating and crippling on both the child and the parents. Not to mention also - detriment to the marriage.  

What are you thankful for this week?


Superman said...

Thankful that i have a friend who is so good at writing and always able to make me smile while reading yr post. Keep it up!

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Thanks! Hmmm... could superman be also 007?