Thursday, February 9, 2012

Favourite read of the moment

 Okay, technically it should not be classified as read as there are no sentences to spell out a storyline. Instead, this big book contains a hundred words in pages of beautifully illustrated pictures in vibrant colors.

A Christmas gift from Aunt Yue and Uncle G, this book was love at first sight for the little girl. She was attracted to the pictures and was quick to point out the things in the book that she already knew. Dog! Baby! Milk! Bus! Banana! 

 It appears to me that having the pictures revolving round a family of five including a daddy, a mummy, a little girl, a little boy and a baby (oh! Plus a dog and a cat) helped to pique her interest.

These days, she no longer just point out items; she seems to be building stories of her own. Her current favourite page shows the family at the breakfast table. "Mum-mum (eat)", she would say as she flips to the page.

"Anya eats" she says, pointing at the little girl.

"Mommy feeds Arielle," she explains, pointing at the baby on the high chair.

A few times, she also pointed at the cup of spilled milk on the floor and said in a small voice, "Milk dropped. Sorry." Allow me to explain this. Some weeks ago, The Husband scolded her because of her increasing counts of misbehaviour on the highchair, including tossing cups of milk onto the floor. She had bawled her eyes out on the highchair for a good one hour before finally managing one word of "Sorry" and meaning it. That incident left a deep impression in her, imprinting the meaning to apologise in her. Sounds a bit heart-wrenching but well, you gotta be cruel in order to be kind sometimes.
Anyway, back to her favourite book. Recently, I discovered that the illustrator drew a little rubber duck in every page of the book. We have made use of this and turn it into a games of "Where's the duck?" that Anya enjoys tremendously.
We thought that it was a really good book to like, allowing her to expand her vocabulary and imagination at the same time. So, I went into a bookstore when I was out the other day and came home with another one in the same series. This time, in a thousand words. Oh, and you get to look for rubber duckies in the new book too! :)

Can you spot the rubber ducky?


Ruth said...

I've never come across these two books and would have certainly bought them if I did! Which bookstore did you go to? Anyway, I feel that parents will never go wrong with an Usborne book - I've come to really like them, especially the series where they have pictures of clay figurines :)

Anya & Arielle's mom said...

Oh yes! I've never come across them too. But then, I guess I was too attracted to the touch-and-feel ones to notice these. I found them in MPH at Raffles shopping centre. They have a huge collection of Usborne books! :)