Friday, December 30, 2011

Silly mommy

In case you think I have disappeared. Nope, I haven't.

In fact, I have a few half-written entries saved in as drafts that cannot be published simply because, well, they were half-written. And the reason why they were half-written were because my time are no longer mine with two little girls under my care who disrupt my line of thoughts by taking turns to wake up prematurely from their naps, demanding my attention when it is rightfully a time for me to have some peace and quiet.

Why a few half-written entries and not complete one entry before moving onto another? You'd ask.Well, the moment has passed, and the first entry simply do not seem relevant anymore the next time I sit in front of the laptop. Therefore, I have decided to go for shorter entries. More manageable, more achievable.

This one, is entitled 'Silly Mommy' because it depicts one of the many silly things that I've done.

Remember after that thigh-wedged-in-cot saga, we installed a surveillance camera in Anya's room to monitor on her movements during her nap? Well, I just put down for her nap 20 minutes ago. When I came back to my room, switched on my laptop and opened the webpage to check if she is asleep, here's what I see... ...

Earlier on, I was playing with Anya in her room. I was the one who had unwittingly placed the balloon in that strategic position. Duh.

Now, judging that there is no more movement in the cot (i think), I can only assume that she is asleep.

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