Friday, December 23, 2011

All hail the burping king!

Since the confinement nanny left, my little household has been obsessing over burping the baby. 

It seems that Arielle is a difficult baby to burp. Either that or we are rusty in expeling gas out of babies. Now, when I say we are rusty, the 'we' really refers only to my mom and myself. The Husband, on the other way, has no problem whatsoever in making Arielle belch.

Actually, my mom and I think that the strength of his pats are a little bit too strong for a teeny baby. When we voiced it out, The Husband cheekily retorts, "You all are just sore losers.". Duh.

As a result of my mom and my failure in burping, some of the feeding sessions have evolved into a game of "Pass the baby". Here's how it goes: After the baby finishes the bottle, my mom will burp her for a good ten minutes. When no gas comes out, I will take over for another five minutes or so. Still, nothing comes out of the baby, except for cries of protest that she is all gassy and uncomfortable.Then Burping King takes over. Once he sits her onto his lap, she goes all calm and quiet while he does his thing. Before long, we hear a resounding belch where Arielle will then settle peacefully back to sleep. 

Right now, I am adopting Burping King's seemingly-cruel-but-is-really-effective way of patting. Hard. More strength. So far, I have not been consistent in successfully burping the little one but interestingly, I did manage to expel some gas out for myself everytime we're at it. *belch!*

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