Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing Arielle...

Hello world, I am Arielle! It means Lioness of God. *ROARS*

... The newest addition to our family who will be the second main cast to this blog. She arrived on Monday morning. Thankfully, just like her big sister, it was another speedy delivery that required a short ten minutes of pushing and out she came. There are so many things that I am thankful about pertaining this delivery, especially the recovery part. Other than being terribly sleep-deprived (the downside of having overnight induction), both baby and mommy are given a clean bill of health and were given the green light to go home the following day. 
"This is my time of birth."
"That's me and my momma."

"My vital stats of birth.."
"Here's my first meeting with my big sister and receiving a cuddle from her."
Both Anya and The Furkid have taken to Arielle very well. The Furkid was friendly and affectionate right from the moment baby and I stepped home. This was a stark contrast to her one-week cold treatment to me when I came home with Anya. The big sister has been affectionate too. After a few days, she has somewhat registered that the 'Arielle'  in Mommy's belly is this baby Arielle, and has been cuddling her a lot. She, however, seems to miss me a lot - keeps asking for me and calling out for me. Well, the feeling is mutual. Am gonna spend some alone time with her tomorrow. 
"My big sister watching over me as I nap."

"My Fursister kissing me as I napped."

Right now, The Husband and I have finally sobered up slightly after some quality sleep last night, even though quality sleep really meant waking up twice to nurse, and another two more times to attend to Anya. The first night home was proven overwhelming for all of us with both of us totally knacked while the excited big sister, refused to sleep. As for baby Arielle, she has been doing her job just fine - latching on well, pooping after almost every feed and sleeping without much fuss. Prayerfully, she will not be as jaundiced as her big sister (we'll get to know tomorrow at the paed's office) so she can continue to feed well, allowing me to establish milk production. 

Alright, will write more about what I am thankful for this delivery when I am more up to it. Meanwhile, gonna catch another power nap before our new little star wakes up.
"So long, folks. Bub-bye!"


iivi said...

Hello Arielle! Look forward to meeting you soon! love, aunty ii vi

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