Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleepless in Singapore

I have been waking up at 5-ish in the morning then not able to go back to sleep... Usually, the wake-up prompted is Anya's stirring. It is a norm for her to stir once or twice each night. While before the merlion days, I could go back to sleep in 3 seconds; these days I would possibly lie awake all the way till dawn. The light sleep signs were evident when I was expecting no. 1 too.

So here I am, wide awake, in my bed with Anya & The Husband besides me, as I type away on my iPhone! We carried Anya back to our bed at 5 after she stir as she appeared to have had a bad dream, crying inconsolably. Such were the occasional privileged times that she gets to co-sleep with us.

This pregnancy has by far being similar in many ways to the last one. I become a light sleeper. I become hypersensitive to smells & get super turned off particularly by my neighbors' cooking & my trusty Dove shampoo. I am disgusted with every little thing, including my own saliva. I turn into a temporary pescetarian where I am drawn to only fruits, vegetables, selectives fishes & seafoods. I throw up pretty much every day now though frequency has thankfully been halved to 1-3 times.

On the other hand, there are a couple of differences. The biggest one being - the last pregnancy, hunger was never iny dictionary till I was well into my third trimester. This time round, I get extremely hungry every 2-3 hours. Like now, my stomach is growling like a guard dog who chanced upon a pack of thieves while I daydream of chocolate-fruit fondue buffets, vongole linguine, wanton mee, vegetarian bee goon and other wondrous foods of a pescetarian.

Yes, so that pretty much sums up my current mood: hunger & sleepless, ready to snare. Meanwhile, allow me to end off with a sweet picture that shows the affectionate side of my darling toddler - a redeeming picture in exchange to hearing me rant. :P

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