Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello, second trimester!

I am currently in my second trimester and am feeling the oh-so-goodness of it. It called for a celebration and, together with celebrating early Fathers' day, the Husband and I went for a long overdue dinner date two nights ago.

At 14 weeks, sickness has finally safely cleared off on most days although it is still with help from  Ondesetron & Primperan (anti-emetic drugs)  I gather I will slowly try easing myself off these drugs in the next 1-2 weeks. My energy is finally back although I still need my two hours of nap every time I down one Primperan but hey, who can complain about sleeping more? Just this morning, I managed to have a baking session with the little ones (a first for Arielle!) and we managed to churn out a batch of delish sticky chewy chocolate chips cookies! Not to mentioned also, we had a blast weighing out the ingredients, doing all the mixing and, for the girls, licking the batter..

Oh, the best news of all? This is by far one of my biggest pregnancy-related victory - I have cleared my first trimester without any hospitalization nor Zofran (anti-emetic drug) / cocktail drips! Woots! You see, my first two pregnancies saw me ending up for hospital stays at some point in the first trimester. No thanks to HG, I had constipation and hemorrhoids complications and had to down all those yucky stools softener, put on drips to get my fluid, salts back and to let those Zofran run right into my bloodstream to prevent further hurling. 

To me, admission to hospital for drips has become sort of a rite of ritual of pregnancy and you won't believe what a great sense of achievement I feel to come this far. This time round, there is a sense of empowerment that I never used to have. I was proactively doing things to help myself: I made appointment with my gynaecologist the moment we found that we were pregnant so as to get started on anti-emetic drugs before the real deal of sickness kicked in, the Husband and I prepped ourselves and the Helper mentally and physically that the moment should i feel any slightest nausea during this period, I will drop whatever I'm doing  (kids, housework, whatsoever) and lie down. Whoever around will take oer automatically. You see, the moment I start throwing up, chances are that for the rest of the day, it will happen again and again. So the best method is prevention. That way, we lower the risk of going through that horrible downward spiral. I also tried alternative treatment in the form of homeopathy. Unfortunately, that did not work out for me, but still, at least I tried. 

Between the Husband and I, we agreed that we ought to keep counting the little victories to keep our joy. And we give thanks for all the victories - big or small, no matter. And as we did so, I find myself in the light more and more often than being in the darkness. So one truth I got to experience for myself here: "Giving thanks unto the Father. .. who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and brought us into the kingdom of His dear Son." Colossians 1:12,13
 So, with things seemingly looking up for me, it seems like Anya's June holiday has finally really started.  And we have lined up some pretty neat programmes for the kiddos in the upcoming two weeks. Looking forward to them! 

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