Friday, May 17, 2013

And then, we are moving onto dessert...

We are expecting our third child. It is exactly ten weeks old today.

Hello there!

What has this got to do with the heading? You may ask. Well... When we were expecting Anya, we announced to everyone that we have a bun in my oven and christened her 'little bun'. Then when Arielle are along, we carried on with the whole bun-in-oven thingy and nicknamed her 'mini bun'.
With this one, we decided to go with 'dessert bun' because... Well... we wish and prefer that it shall be the last one that shall be served out of my oven. Yep. We imagine that anything more than three is beyond what we can manage, given the quality of life and care that we will like to have for our offsprings.

Third time around, this pregnancy is a remarkable improvement as compared to the first two - not because my body is responding better this time round, but rather, because we found some effective ways of managing hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) during the last pregnancy and we were quick to respond this time round instead of waiting till my body cries out in surrender. Some day, I might sit down and pen down in details about my experience with HG as I have noticed that information about excessive morning sickness are practically non-existent in Singapore. In fact, before the darling Duchess of Cambridge was found to be pregnant and with this condition, there was little that I could find online as well.

As for the girls, how are they responding to my growing belly? (Yes, there is already a unmistakeable bump!) Well, Arielle is still oblivious. She does not seem to register much of what we tell her so far. But hey, it's still early days! Meanwhile, we are starting to watch more and more Discovery Home and Health once again.

Anya, on the other hand, has been a sweet and sensitive big sister. These days, she is careful not to press against my belly when we cuddle or hug. Every now and then, she would stroke and kiss my belly, introducing herself to baby. And not a day goes by without her asking if it is Christmas tomorrow because we told her that baby will arrive before Christmas.

Oh, may I lament about one particular downside of having three pregnancies within a short span of four years: All those hormonal changes are doing drastic things to my hair! Close friends will know that I am especially vain when it comes to my hair. I dislike and hardly spend money on manicures, facials and massages but I do 'invest' considerably in my hair. I always have normal scalp, not oily, nor too dry. Since post-pregnancy first time round, my scalp has become oily. And it got worse with every new pregnancies. Up till the last three weeks, things got  messier. My scalp was at its most oily (think shiny scalp even right after a wash) while my ends are mostly dry and tangled. My conditioners can no longer do magic in smoothing out those frizz and tangles. Hence,  I decided that long hair should go.

So, to a particular old friend who saw my new look on social media and was asking why the radical change, now you know why.. ;)

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MamaJ said...

OOOH, congrats! :) Very happy for you! (and love the new hairstyle btw, very fresh!)