Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP: Good times together

This week, we got to spend some good quality times with those who are the closest and dearest to us.With our parents, with our siblings, our nieces and nephews, and then the usual sweet moments with our own girls. On top of that, there was also some catching up done with a pair of couple friends as they celebrated their firstborn's full month. Last but not least, over the public holiday, the Husband and I also got to sneak out for a movie & dinner date (first in months!). No wonder my love cup is so full this week!

The girls with their cousins. In case you are wondering what's with the fascination over that teddy bear; well.. it is not. Their fascination is over what is showing on an iPhone that was propped up by the poor teddy.

The Nephew showed off his driving skills (reverse parking in a single smooth attempt!) while we watched with jaws dropped.

Baby girl's first 1st birthday present. :) The Brother & SIL brought her to a toy departmental store and she picked this. :)

The little neighbours dropped by for a spot of "cooking".

Kai and Ude, thanks for sharing this happy occasion with us. We all had a blast and hope little J likes the presents. (Or did the present float off with those balloons?)
A sight that made the adults went "awwww....".
Some lovin' moments captured during a walk with Ah Gong and Ah Ma. :)

Hmmm... Little Mushroom Head does not seem to fancy her own kind very much. :P

The Husband and I think we have the cutest dog alive.

Yep. Definitely the cutest.

The girls with their cuddly besties.

Anya with her M&M teacher. Though squirming in teacher D's embrace here; my girl actually adores her.

Make-believe snack time.

"Sweetheart, how is mommy going to feed you lunch with Rabbit in your face like that?"

Our (almost) weekly bread errand. Thank God for those bread dispensing machine.

As you can see, baby girl is getting quite good at standing, cruising..

And even walking..! Since over the weekend, she has started taking a few steps at a time without any help.

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Willyn said...

Your photos are the definition of a real wonderful FAMILY :-)
Full of joy, full of love, and full of life :-)