Friday, November 9, 2012

Sweet sweet sleep

I have gone without a nice uninterrupted restful sleep for a couple of months. It was something that did not occur to me until it came up when I was chatting with the girlfriends at the hen party.

Interestingly, it is not that the girls are not sleeping through the night. Technically, they are. Except that Arielle is quite a noisy sleeper. In between sleep cycles, she would stir and cry in her sleep. In the course of it, she wakes herself up sometimes. Whenever she cries, either the Husband or myself will pop over to the girls' room to check on her. This usually happens 2 - 3 times a night.

On top of that, the past one month also saw Anya having night terrors. She is at the phase where suddenly, darkness scares her and there are always imaginary monsters lurking around. She had also screamed and cried in her sleep on a few occasions. When we went to her, she would sob in our arms and tell us she had a bad dream. As to the size and shape of her bad dreams - only God knows for now for she is always stumped when she asked her about them.

Now, all of the above sleep-interruption scenarios are not that bad, really. Usually, a few pats or cuddles will soothe the girls back to sleep and we can drift back to our own slumber. In Arielle's case, she did not even need our help sometimes. She would cry a little, roll over to her other side and go back to sleep.

The problem is: I am generally a light sleeper and has trouble going back to lala-land after checking on them half the time. Half the time, after I checked on them, I would spend the next few hours rolling in bed, reading books and dreading the coming of first dawn.

The situation, has however, turned around since I came back from the hen party. Except for praying with more conviction, I didn't think we did much. Something must have changed in the spiritual realm because everyone has been sleeping very well so far this week.

Oh my! A whole night of undisturbed sleep is so blissfully good. I swear the first two nights when I woke up to the morning light, I could literally taste the sweetness of restfulness in my mouth.

May the season of sweet sweet sleep carry on and on and on... ...

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MamaJ said...

Wow! That is great to hear! Hope the uninterrupted rest goes on...