Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thankful Tuesday: Celebrations abound

As the stress of potty-training and milk feed woes ease off, I find myself feeling.. well, less stressed these days. Still very occupied with the girls, no doubt. But there is certainly more bounce in my stride now that the stress is off. Not for long, I'm sure. Something stressful is bound to crop up given the nature of raising of children. So yeah, savour the moment while its' still there. :)

Moreover, March and April has always been a festive period in my household. What with my birthday, our wedding anniversary, Good friday and Easter, the Husband's birthday and in recent years - Anya's too. Oh, not forgetting my mom and SIL's birthdays too. So in the two weeks, my pockets of time were spent ironing out details of Anya's birthday celebration that happened over Easter sunday. It was a simple one, really, with only the immediate families. Still, simple did not make it any easier for moms (I suppose) since our bottom line is really to have our birthday child enjoy his/her day to the fullest. 

And then, yesterday, we celebrated the Husband's birthday in the zoo. Unfortunately, the weather did not hold up well, and we ended being caught in a nasty heavy rain. Oh well, at least it was a memorable one. With ponchos as keepsakes, no less.

With the season of celebrations ongoing in my life, I find myself being thankful for things that I hold the most closely to my heart:

Loved ones who make the effort to reciprocate our love. Funny how it is, but when I have offspring, it becomes more apparent to me how much we are loved. It seems that adults in general (especially our parents' generation) tend to be more vocal and expressive in their love languages when their targets are little ones. 

Children, who helpless as they are when they arrive into the world, have the power to multiply love and make the Husband and I strive to become better persons. 

The Husband, whom by God's strength and wisdom, has been a wonderful head of the household. Besides shouldering the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner, he is also the one I turn to in making major decisions concerning our household. Even though I am a SAHM, he never, as a result, think that he should be as less hands-on as a father. Every night, without fail, he still helps to bathe one of the girls and tuck them to bed. During the first few weeks when our girls were born and were still waking up in the nights for milk feeds, he would help out without fail despite having to be up the next morning for work again. Now that Anya is potty-trained, he always volunteers to bring her to the loo whenever we are out. Although, most part of the day he is away from home, I daresay he knows almost as much as I do when it comes to the nitty-gritty aspects of handling our girls.
The abundance that we have. The abundance of love. The abundance in our finances. The abundance of blessings.
What are you thankful for this week? 


June said...

I really like the photo with the big sister giving the little one a kiss! Very sweet moment! I agree on that point about parenthood making us grow to be better every day. I guess it's really a stretching process... :)

Rachel said...

U are very blessed to have such a hands-on hubby. It does make everything a lot easier at home when u have an extra pair of willing hands.