Monday, December 30, 2013

Counting blessings 2013

Taking some time to reflect on this year before we usher in 2014. Here's a thankful post to count up the blessings in my life in 2013.

The many opportunities to potter in the kitchen, trying out new recipes in the kitchen and fine tuning existing ones. Cooking and baking are therapeutic to me and have helped lifted my spirits many a times during stressful and moody times. 

The good health of those who are closest and dearest to me. 

The smooth transition as we renovated and then moved into our new flat. We have settled in quickly,  and have fostered some friendly ties with the neighbors. The girls have even made several friends around the new estate since. 

The opportunities to make ourselves available to friends who need us in times of need, be it a listening ear or a helping hand. We have received a lot of help during our foundation years of married life and starting a family and are thankful of the opportunities to pay it forward.

The stream of support, help and advice that I constantly receive from friends (you all know who you are), church cell group and my family. 

The Helper who has indeed being a great help. In retrospect, I realized I was hormonal during my pregnancy days which made me not an easy person to live with and the Helper has bored it well. During the weeks that I lay bedridden while the Husband went to work, the Helper was the one who took care of the girls, made sure they are fed, bathed and entertained. I am especially thankful for her obedience and strong ability to follow instruction and yet exert her own initiatives as and when needed. 

My two little girls (and then now - plus a little boy) who mean the whole world to the Husband and I. While parenthood is trying at times; children have an amazing way of multiplying love. Let's just say that.. If a romantic love can fill one's cup till it overflows; having children can yield one multiple cups full of love. 

God's covering over me and baby through another complicated pregnancy. I recently read an article where research was done on pregnant women with hyperemesis gravidarum which stated that half of these pregnancies were terminated given how difficult the nine months can be for these women. While drugs can reduce my frequency of vomiting, it doesn't take away the overall feeling of sickness, nausea and the whole bunch of other symptoms and complications that come with managing HG. Hence, I am always especially thankful to emerge from another pregnancy relatively unscathed. 

To have a wonderful OBGYN, Dr. T, who took great care of me. He is always assuring and took measures to ensure that I was as comfortable as can be given my conditions. 

A safe delivery despite a much longer labour with some complications. In addition, while I was in much pain and was in a constant state of grogginess in the first few days post-delivery; I am thankful that I am truly well recovered since.

God's fulfillment of a 5-year-old promise to us in the form of a beautiful baby boy. 

The Husband, who is second to God as my strongest pillar of support. 

Wow.. Seeing how much I've typed out for this thankful post, I am overwhelmed. God has been good to me in 2013. 

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