Thursday, July 25, 2013


Back in year 2008 - 2009 when we first started trying for a child, the Lord impressed upon me that we will have a son. Specifically, He impressed upon me the name, Joash, when we prayed for a child. Twice, He showed me, in two consecutive days. Then, we took quite a while trying to conceive. So, when God showed me the signs, I claimed it, believing we would have a child, a son, in matter of time. Therefore, when we were finally expecting in the 3rd quarter of 2009, I was convinced that it will be a boy.

Which was why I woke up in cold sweats one night early in my pregnancy then because I dreamt that I was in disbelief and denial after delivering a baby girl. I was confused. I recalled saying a prayer and telling the unborn child in my womb then that I do not reject it, no matter boy or girl. As it turned out, the gender scan at 16th& 20th week revealed that it was a baby girl. Therefore, the thought about Joash was pushed to the back of my mind. 

Fast forward to 2010. We started trying for our second child and was expecting very quickly. While I remembered the Lord promise to me, i was secretly hoping for a girl. Reason being: having Anya was such a joy to us and we could not imagine it otherwise if it was a boy. Illogical, i know, but i couldnot help feeling that way. and then, Arielle came along and i was overjoyed. 

Now, the Husband and I always wanted three children. However, after having suffered two hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancies, the Husband was convinced that it was enough hardships for me. He could not bear seeing me go through another round of sliding all the way down to the bottom pits and to some extent, I had to agree with him. It was very difficult, having to go through what I went through. In any case, we were partial to the idea of adoption and we thought if ever, years down the road, should we feel up to having a third one, we could always adopt. And that was the end of our child-bearing discussions. 

Until we found ourselves expecting earlier the year. Yep, in case you have not realized; it was a surprise. Given the circumstances, we felt so certain that this one will be Joash. I mean, we are really very sure (and will be very careful to ensure) that three is the final number. More importantly, we had peace about the gender this time round. No secretly wishing it was a girl, no guilt feeling, nothing. Just a peaceful, certain thought that this will be a boy. 

And so, with the 20th week scan done just earlier today. Ladies and gentlemen, may we announce that we are expecting a boy into our brood! :)


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Ally said...

wow! congrats!! I like to have another #4, I am still thinking. 3 although was a final number said to myself but I can't help but hoping to equalise the gender.....