Friday, March 22, 2013

My conversational little woman

I love the surprises and amusements that I get on a daily basis just by holding conversations with Anya. Very often, I find myself marveling at what goes through her little head from the stuff she expresses to us verbally.

Here is an anecdote of an exchange between Anya and I at the zoo a couple of weeks ago. Was explaining to her the differences in the appearance between a lion and a lioness.

Me: Look! There are two lions in there and the one over there with big hair is the boy lion whereas this one here is the girl. The boy is called a lion and the girl is called, lioness.

Anya, having used to see both adults and their young in most of the other enclosures, she asked:
Oh.. Where is the baby?

Me (after a quick scan around the entire enclosure and spot no other cats): You know what? Maybe there two lions do not have babies of their own yet. I do not see any baby lions here.

Anya: Oh! (Then adopting a know-it-all tone) I know.. Because they are not married yet right? When they are married, then they can have babies right? (Nods her head emphatically at the same time to draw affirmation from me.)

That immediately drew a chuckle from me. Interesting, isn't it? - how a statement from a child can depict both their childlike-ness as well as theirs gaining worldly knowledge.

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