Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

Like a whirlwind, 2012 came and gone, leaving us with a couple of battle scars.

Yes. 2012 has not been an easy year for us. We faced new challenges of parenthood that set me back several times. We thought having a second child was simply reapplying what we did with the first child on the second one. Looking back, it seemed almost naive to think this way. Every child are indeed unique in their own ways, and in our case, our two kids are as different as chalk and cheese.

So, while our little feisty Arielle throw us a curveball every other week; big sister Anya become more and more of a person of her own which brings about a new set of challenges suddenly. On good days, she is that sweet, joyful girl who is eager to please us. On bad days, she can be whiny, uncooperative, and listens poorly. Just a week ago, I almost lost her in a mall (twice!) within a span of half an hour.

A little bit more than a year of mothering two small children has left me feeling burnt out more than a couple of times. I have felt, on many occasions, an acute need to get out of the house for a short holiday, a respite from all the madness. Yet, I can't bring myself to do so. And so, I trudge on, relying on the support of the Husband and the strength of God.

The lessons that I am taking with me into 2013 are to be less emotionally attached during meltdowns and face-offs, and to be patient, trust in The Lord, and.. Simply ride through it. I am ashamed to admit that I had, on more occasions that I can count, went on a shouting match with Anya. After the losing-Anya-in-the-mall incident, I have a revelation: Raising my voice is not working. In fact, it is counter-effective. It builds up all these negative energy and feelings that does me nor Anya more bad than good. Prayerfully, I can keep up with this cool act till its etched into a part if me.

The biggest lessons i have learned in 2012 about parenthood is that to put their needs before mine as well as to take joy in little things and find rest in little pockets of times. All these, seriously, will not be humanly possible for me if not for the grace and strength of God refreshing me, bringing me through every day. I believe I can say the same for the Husband.

With 2013 here.. well, actually I have not put in much thought as to what to expect or hope / set out for. Maybe it is because we have been taking in so many curveballs that I no longer dare to hope. Well, I just want to take a quiet moment to type this out and remind myself to simply commit all things onto The Lord and trust in Him that with Him, all things will come through. So... ...

Bring it on, 2013! Blessed 2013, everyone!

P.s. I realize I failed to mention the other aspects of my life other an parenthood. Well, I suppose I AM quite preoccupied with the kids presently. The other aspects are generally good, I'd say. May I just add on one biggie in 2012 is the purchase of our next matrimonial home. We are thankful for the finances to bring us through the transition smoothly, as well as for doing up the place which is ongoing currently.

P.p.s. I know I am really tardy in doing my Week in Pictures post. I have a big bunch of photographs that I have yet to up load and they are continuing to snowball at an alarming rate. Sorry folks (and my daughters who are my main targeted future audience), my life has taken on some serious reshuffling in their priorities right now - all many urgent tasks on hand. I have, however, been updating on Instagram on a more regular basis. You know, photo logging on the go which is easier for me right now. Do find me on Instagram if you are a user there too. It's Joyce_TS. :)

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June said...

I agree with you. With all the curve balls that the little ones tend to throw, it's God's strengh and grace that makes all the difference. All the best to you guys in 2013!